What Is The Best Whitening Toothpaste?


White teeth are basically a sign of good health and self-care and are very essential for a confident, lovely smile. While healthy teeth improves your image and help prevent health complications, the best teeth-whitening toothpaste can also make you look more attractive and smarter. However, choosing the best toothpaste for teeth whitening can sometimes be challenging, especially if you don’t any idea. In that regard, here are some of the best teeth-whitening toothpastes available out there.

1. Colgate Ultra-Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate ultra-whitening toothpaste is among the best products for teeth whitening that helps in both teeth whitening and good oral health. It contains peroxide and baking soda that are safe and active-ingredients for teeth whitening. Also, the fluoride ingredient penetrates the teeth surface to protect the teeth from cavities, hence helping keep and maintain good health of your teeth. This particular toothpaste also leaves your entire mouth feeling fresh and clean.

2. Crest 3D White

This is also the best teeth-whitening toothpastes that removes approximately 80% of stains on your teeth surface in just two weeks and has patent enamel that is safe for whitening. It also has 0.243% sodium fluoride, removes plaque, strengthens the enamel and fights cavities.

3. Opalescence Toothpaste

It contains a unique formula increasing fluoride uptake directly into the teeth enamel while getting rid of surface dirty and stains at the lowest abrasive levels. It also contains 5.0% potassium nitrate and high-quantity of fluoride for minimizing sensitivity, as well as 0.25% sodium fluoride and hydrogen peroxide for teeth-whitening control.

4. Aqua Fresh White-And-Shine Toothpaste

While this one does not provide oral protection, it is a good choice for individuals looking for a brighter smile. It gives your teeth a great brightness by cleaning your mouth with micro-buffing particles. Its active ingredient includes around 0.15% sodium for controlling whitening and cleaning.

5. Idol White

This is another best teeth whitening product that is medically tested and proven to be safe for use. It also whitens teeth within the shortest time possible and the results achieved are often above average. It’s very effective at getting rid of tobacco stains and other tougher stains on the surface and between your teeth. It has calcium fluoride that help breach the outer-layer of your teeth, EDTA for getting rid of toxins in/around the mouth, and peppermint oil responsible for fresh breath.

6. White-Glo for Smoker Teeth-Whitening Toothpaste

This is good toothpaste for reducing smoker breath and removing tobacco stains. It contains micro-polishing particles for getting rid of yellowing and discoloration caused by food, drinks and cigarettes with very strong coloration. It also has dental floss tooth-pick and anti-stain toothbrush to completely clear all the plagues that are not reachable in your mouth. It also contains premium fluoride refined with diatomaceous earth mainly used to eliminate tobacco stains.

7. White-Glo Whitening Toothpaste

This is among the best whitening products with low abrasion that makes it safer for daily usage. White-Glo teeth whitening toothpaste is formulated with micro-polishing particles to get rid of discolorations, leaving a white and bright smile. It has fluoride that protect against cavities, and premium-fluoride for maximum teeth whitening, oral care and hygiene. This product is also suitable and perfect for electric tooth-brush.

8. Crest 3D White-Whitening Strips

When it comes to whitening strips, this teeth whitening toothpaste seems like unbeatable legend. Approximately over 1300 customers on Amazon have reviewed and used this product. If you are looking for instant whiteness, this is the best product for you. With this pack of toothpaste, you will get 20 lower strips and 20 upper strips. Strips usually work both beneath surface of teeth-enamel and on surface stains. Better than most teeth whitening toothpastes, this one whitens beneath the teeth-enamel surface for a brighter smile.

9. White-Glo Tea and Coffee Whitening Toothpaste

If you’re a coffee/tea lover, this is the right product for you. It gets rid of all stains on your teeth caused by tea/coffee, providing you with freedom to drink your beverage comfortably without worrying about its stains. It contains an exclusive micro-wax protection shielded formula that helps to remove stains – giving you a shiner smile and whiter teeth. The kit comes with dental floss toothpick and anti-stain toothbrush for proper mouth-cleaning.

Conclusively, all these teeth whitening toothpastes are the best money saving selection you can use to bring a brighter and whiter smile. Of course, you might not see results immediately, but using any of them daily will eventually whiten your teeth. For extreme teeth discoloration, visit a dental expert for additional treatment and advice.