Claude Davis The Lost Ways Book Review

If you are looking to read something that will connect you with ancient livelihood and skills, The Lost Ways book is your ideal choice. The author, Claude Davis expounds in details about various survival skills that were used by ancient communities even in the toughest conditions before the modern society and technology developed. The book tries to provide ways in which human life can still be sustainable and effective even without the presence of cars, electricity, refrigerators, cell phones, and other modern amenities. The Lost Ways review here is honest, factual and sincere.

Different Survival Techniques

There are several things that you are going to learn from the book on various ways to deal or get something in the toughest possible human conditions. They include:

  • Water: the book elaborates how people can get and store water in the easiest and most effective way possible. The book guides people on how to deal with water problem even in a tough time such as war or disaster and these methods are also free.
  • Food: The book also describes how people can still consume nutritious meals even with the readily available ingredients in their presence. Some of these methods were also used by the Native American Scouts during their camping tours and other scouting projects. It also included setting up traps to capture animals.
  • Cooking: The book describes how people can cook using smoking and these techniques are also invaluable in this day and age which can still be used by those people on camping tours.
  • Shelter: the book also details a guide of how to build an underground home that can host up to four families. These techniques are especially helpful when there are no building materials.

Advantages of the Book

There are several advantages that any reader will gain as a result of reading The Lost Ways. These advantages include:

  • Gaining insights and knowledge of survival techniques especially when a disaster strikes.
  • The book is detailed and provides survival techniques that can be applied in a different situation and even enable any person to save on costs.
  • The book can be purchased in both the printed and digital forms.

Disadvantage of the Book

  • The book demands commitment and focused mind to grasp or understand some of the detailed surviving techniques.

The book can be read by a wide audience including young, middle-aged and old. It is also good for those people who love adventure and gaining techniques that are invaluable in life. The Lost Ways is informative and comprehensive and I will advice anybody who is seeking survival techniques and learning how to prepare for disaster to read this book.